Organic Almonds

American Export House offers organic Almonds in major California varieties such as Nonpareil, Carmel, and Monterey etc. Organically grown and handled almonds are our main product line. We pasteurize our product (Strictly Non-PPO) for sale within the United States and do offer completely untreated Almonds to our overseas buyers.

Types of Organic Almonds We Offer

Almonds have over 49 Varieties such as Aldrich, Butte, Carmel, Mission, Nonpareil, Padre, Ruby, Winters, and many many others available thorough out the world. Each one with somewhat altered taste, shape, texture and skin color.

California Organic almonds are amongst our top business products.

Organic Nonpareil almonds

Organic Nonpareil almonds

The Nonpareil almonds have a light color thinner shell and as the name suggests they are not equal to other varieties but are little larger in size.

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Organic Pasteurized almonds

Organic Pasteurized almonds

Almonds, reliably free of microbial pathogens are healthy, delicious and are completely free from harmful chemical treatment.

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Raw Carmel Almonds

Raw Carmel Almonds

This variety of almonds are soft-shell, narrow shaped and slightly wrinkled surfaced much popular for blanching and roasting.

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Raw Nonpareil almonds

Raw Nonpareil almonds

These true raw almonds are farm fresh like just come-off the tree; taste so good for having them perfect snack in their naturally dried state.

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Benefits of Organic Almonds

Primal medical techniques believed that organic almonds strengthen the immune system for protection against serious illnesses. This has now been confirmed by modern scientific research. Almonds are the most nutritionally dense nuts and are replete in protein, vitamins and minerals. Just a handful of nutrient-rich organic almonds consumed on daily basis help heart health, weight management and provides relief from diseases such as diabetes.

Use Organic almond for weight-loss

Almonds are a highly recommended weight-loss friendly snack. Healthy unsaturated fats, protein and fiber present in almonds provide a high level of satiety even when consumed in modest quantities.

This reduces cravings and may result in a lesser overall food intake. Therefore a regular almond intake may prove to be effective in maintaining healthy weight levels. Results are even better if these are substituted for other high calorie and high fat snacks.

In a 2014 study conducted by the American Heart Association of America two groups of individuals were fed a similar controlled diet over a six week period. The only distinction in the overall diet was that one group was fed 1.5Oz of almonds a day and the same was replaced with an isocaloric muffin in the other group`s diet.

Results showed that the Almond diet not only decreased LDL cholesterol, but also reduced the abdominal and leg fat of the sample group without any difference in the total body weight.

Almond for weight-loss

Consume Organic Almond for Heart Health

Almond for Heart Health

The human body needs healthy unsaturated fat to lower triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels that are primarily responsible for heart disease. The high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids, especially Oleic acid present in almonds serve this purpose when consumed regularly in controlled quantities.

These also help the body better absorb essential nutrients such as vitamin A,D,E and K. Almond skin contains pigments called Flavonoids which have antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties and help fight free radicals that cause infections.

Flavonoids further, work together with the high Vitamin E and C content in Almonds to boost antioxidant activity and lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Eat Organic Almond to Decrease Diabetic Risk

Almonds are a rich source of soluble fiber, which is helpful for the body to absorb food nutrients and slow down the uptake of cholesterol in the blood.

As per a study conducted by the American Diabetes Association, Almonds can decrease diabetes risk by improving the body`s level of oxidative stress without any noteworthy alterations to weight and caloric eating.

Almond to Decrease Diabetic Risk

Munch Organic Almond for teeth and bone strength

Almond for teeth and bone strength

Almonds are rich in minerals such as Phosphorus and Calcium that help strengthening teeth and bones.

Being an outstanding source of vitamin E and Zinc, Organic Almonds help keep eyes healthy by reducing cataract risk and slowing down age-linked macular degeneration.

Folate (Vitamin B9) presently in Almonds supports the Brain and better functioning of the Neurological system. Almonds also contain Folic acid that together with the high protein and Vitamin E content promotes muscular strength and the cellular health of the body.

Nutritional Chart you may use the same

Nutrition Raw Almond

Buy Organic almonds from American Export House

We offer California State certified Organic Almonds in container load quantities to overseas customers and domestic industrial buyers.

We are at present setting up a separate facility to process small batch `Package per Pound` orders for domestic household and institutional customers. Our products will soon be available in smaller quantities through our web store.

For any question and concern or if you have a specific query, please email us.

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