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Welcome to American Export House, bringing you the finest almonds from California, USA. We bring Almonds directly from the farm!


American Export House?

We are a quality conscious almond company bringing completely raw, organic and conventional almonds to our customers. Our growth practices are transparent and we are focused on quality, not the dollar.

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Quality Process

At American Export House, quality is our main concern. We use top industry practices for the growing and inspection process. We back up our quality almonds with quality customer service to make the process of ordering almonds easy and seamless.

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California Almonds!

Wonderfully delicious, almonds have long been revered as the epitome of wellness and health. The nuts are among the richest sources of health-benefiting nutrients essential for optimum health.

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Order Stuff

If you're looking to buy bulk almonds, then you are at the right place which is American Export House

American Export House – A California Almond Exporter

American Export House is a California based, Family owned company. We work hand in hand with Growers and handlers, with generations of experience in Almond cultivation.

We specialize in Organic Almonds, yet offer all major varieties of conventional California almonds as well. We offer bulk, wholesale quantities to international clients and domestic industrial buyers.

We will soon be launching our web store and reach out to individual households and small business customers, fulfilling small quantity ``Packaged as per demand`` orders. Our endeavor is to meet everyone`s need for California Almonds- be it Bakeries, confectioners, Restaurants or individual households.

If you need to know about Organic almonds or California Almonds in general contact us or email us at: