Quality Control

At American Export House, quality is our main concern. We work with a select group of growers and packers who vouch for the quality of their produce. Backed by generations of experience these growers consistently follow stringent growing, sorting and handling practices to ensure the highest quality product. Our handlers use state of the art equipment and process product in USDA approved facilities. The various high tech machines used in cleaning and sorting include LMC, Sortex, Satake-USA and Thermo Fisher sorting. These cover mechanical, optical and X ray sorting processes and are 99.9% effective on removing contaminants such as glass, metal, rocks etc. With all aspects put together we are able to ensure competitive price structures to our customers without compromising on quality.

We back up our quality almonds with transaction by transaction, quality customer service to make the process of ordering easy and seamless. We appreciate every bit of feedback that we receive from any end of the diverse almond market.

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