Raw Nonpareil almonds


  • The majority of California Almonds fall into one of three major classifications: Nonpareil, California, and Mission. Altogether there are 49 different varieties available between these three categories of Almonds. Some of which have similar characteristics while others are distinct in nature.
  • When buying California Almonds, it is advised to order by specific variety and size depending upon the ultimate use.
  • Nonpareil Almonds constitute over half of the California Almond crop. This variety was created by scientist A.T Hatch in 1879.
  • These perhaps are the most versatile of all Almond classifications and are suitable for nearly all applications. As a result these almonds are the most popular and highly traded across the World. Most commonly found in stores, this is the variety that end users usually have in mind while looking for Almonds.
  • Nonpareil Almonds have a smooth shell and are easy to blanch.


  • Natural raw almonds in this variety are consumed as table nuts as well as a flavor enhancing ingredient in higher end food preparations.
  • It is suggested that in the absence of clear-cut type and variety specifications related to the end use, it is always safest to buy Nonpareil Almonds.
  • Nonpareil Almond prices are usually a little higher than other common varieties such as Carmel, Padre, and Butte.

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