Raw Carmel Almonds

Raw Carmel Almonds


California has the perfect climatic conditions for Almond cultivation. Almond crop thrives in mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Almonds do not tolerate wet soils.

Introduced to California Central valley in 1840`s, Almonds have grown into a major agricultural product for the State accounting for nearly 80% of the total Global supply.

An interesting fact about Almonds is that the fundamental principles of Botany classify Almond as a fruit, that is consumed as a nut. Almonds are not self pollinating and require the natural assistance of Beehives for pollination. Moreover all Almond varieties are self-unfruitful, which requires compatible varieties to be grown in the same Plantation. Therefore alternate rows of different varieties that are pollen compatible are planted , to produce maximum and best quality crop.


Characteristic of Carmel Almonds

First developed in 1966, Carmel Almonds actually belong to the California type Family of Almonds. Due to its versatility this Sub variety has become popular enough to warrant its own classification.
Carmel Almonds are harvested 25-30 days after Nonpareils and have pollen compatibility with Monterey, Nonpareil, Price and a few other varieties. It is common to find Carmel and Nonpareil varieties grown in the same Orchard.

Carmel Almonds have the following distinguishing features.


  • Soft Shell, with relative ease of Nut removal.
  • Good shell integrity.
  • Fair suture opening.


  • Medium in size.
  • Narrow in shape.
  • Slightly wrinkled surface.


  • Easy to Blanch (Skin removal) and Roast.
  • Versatile applications.


Raw Carmel Almonds are ideal for use in manufactured food products such as Bakery, Confectionary and flavor added snack packaging. Highly versatile in application, these can be used in nearly all food preparations that require Almonds as an ingredient. Have you heard of the delectable German Marzipans? Well Carmel Almonds are a major ingredient in this delicious product.

Carmel almonds are often substituted for Nonpareils. Yet we once again strongly recommend that in the absence of clear-cut concept regarding :

  1. The Almond type
  2. The variety specifications related to the end use

It is always the safest to buy Nonpareil Almonds, instead of any other class of Almonds.

We provide a wide variety Almonds in different forms.

  • Whole nuts shelled
  • Whole nuts in-Shell
  • Organic Almonds in Nonpareil, Carmel and California type varieties.
  • Pasteurized Almonds

We know our Almonds well and have precise and efficient ways of maintaining high quality at
highly competitive prices for our customers Every batch of our product is tested before we pack
you orders. Our standards for testing quality Almonds consist of maintaining the best flavor,
Aesthetic appeal and crunchiness all topped by complete adherence to the strict sanitation
guidelines mandated by the USDA and the State of California.

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