Organic Pasteurized almonds

In September 2007 United States Department of Agriculture mandated all Almonds sold as raw within the country to be pasteurized. USDA, FDA and Almond Board of California all three major Almond regulatory agencies fully stand by the fact that the essential characteristics of Almonds remain unchanged at large after pasteurization. It is also understood that Almonds are sprout able after being pasteurized. Therefore USDA has permitted Pasteurized Almonds to be labeled as raw.
Some people believe that unpasteurized Almonds are inherently better than Pasteurized Almonds. Some individuals go further to claim that once a food product is pasteurized, it cannot be considered raw. Our standpoint is, that just as Milk and Orange juice the basic characteristic of Almonds remain essentially unchanged after pasteurization. An important part to be kept under consideration is that completely untreated Almonds are never washed or sanitized through their entire journey from the farm to the final stage of consumption. As a result such a product may contain yeast, mold and high levels of bacteria. Our question to all is does anyone prefer eating any agricultural produce straight from the farm, without washing?
In recent past a number of respectable chain store companies such as Whole Foods Market had to recall unpasteurized Almonds imported from Europe.

Pasteurization Process

There are a number of pasteurization methods approved by USDA. Our organic produce is steam pasteurized. This method is considered safe and not essential harsh.

Another method actively under consideration is the infrared heat pasteurization process. This involves use of state of the art, almost a million Dollars worth equipment which is eco friendly and does not require use of much needed water in California.

We firmly believe in refraining from the use of Propylene Oxide (PPO) for the purpose of pasteurization. We assure all our customers that our product is free from all such chemical treatment.

We can most certainly ship unpasteurized raw Almonds to our customers outside the United States, if permitted by their National and local laws.

If you are looking for safe, healthy and delicious Almonds that appeal to every nut lover's palate, American Export House is your best choice.

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