Organic Nonpareil almonds


We take great pride in our California grown, certified organic Almonds which form a predominant part of our inventory. We offer Organic Almonds mainly in Nonpareil, Carmel and California varieties. Our product is grown under complete natural conditions and handled in a State certified organic facility. We source our Organic Almonds from ONE single source in California central Valley and stand behind our quality and prices.

California Vs European Organic Almonds:

California Almonds in general are sweet in taste and much crunchier than European Almonds. Marcona and other European varieties that are grown mainly in Spain and Italy are bitter in comparison. In fact some kernels may be pungent enough to be inedible. As a result California dominates the World market and commands 80% of the Global supply. The paper thin shells, ease of processing, taste, crunchiness and aroma all backed by Eco friendly farming practices, make California Almonds a lot superior than foreign varieties.

Farming and handling Practices:

The USDA and State of California have extremely stringent guidelines and parameters set in place, to be followed for organic produce cultivation and handling. Every farm and handling facility that claims to be organic, is required to be certified by the State of California and to meet all requirements of every concerned agency. Compliance verification is conducted by Governmental inspection agencies through regular unannounced visits. The slightest deviation from set norms may cause a Farm or handling facility to lose its organic certification. Rightfully so, these regulations are imposed to ensure top quality, chemical free organic produce to consumers. The result, Quality rules in California agriculture industry.

Organic Almond cultivation and handling costs are much higher than the conventional varieties. Since all functions need to be performed under controlled conditions a lot more care and effort is required to be put in every step of the way. One of the many quotable examples is weed management. Weeds such as perennial Propagules and Bermuda grass scavenge and compete for water and soil resources with regular crop. Weed management can be a year long process as weeds are successful organisms and respond rapidly to favorable growing conditions. Chemical herbicides are completely banned in organic farming. Weed management is conducted in Organic Farms using either one or a combination of labor intensive methods. Cultivation, by using Tractor mounted cultivators to uproot weeds is one of the methods in use. Mowing, similar to cultivation involves mechanically mowing down weeds between rows and Trees together with hand weeding any missed patches. Flame weeding is yet another commonly used process which requires manually burning down weeds by use of flame burners. All these methods are employed with utmost care in order to prevent any damage to Trees and Water lines. This, and all other organic practices put together involve much higher labor and material costs. Consequently Organic Almond prices are relatively much higher than conventional produce. However the benefits of eating chemical free, nurtured with care Almonds clearly outweighs higher prices.

Our Organic Almonds are an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients for everyone, especially for consumers with Vegan food preferences. Our Almonds, be it Organic Nonpareil, Carmel or Monterey used to consumed as healthy snacks. These are also fairly high in demand as an important ingredient in higher end food preparations and manufactured products such as top quality nutritional Bars.

We recommend storing Almonds under cool and dry conditions away from high temperature, humidity, excessive sunlight and oxygen. Refrigeration in tightly sealed containers can help preserving freshness and crunchiness. However we suggest not freezing our product.

QA Practices:
We ensure adherence to the following quality assurance practices to deliver the best product for all our customers.

  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP).
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).
  • Post process contamination control.

Every critical control point in the entire process of farming, handling and packaging is managed using the mandated and certified Organic processes and materials.

If you are just simply a fan of high quality food products, are an Almond wholesaler/ retailer or require top quality Almonds for your business, American Export House is an unbeatable choice for you. Please come and join our Almond Family.

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