California Almonds

If you wish to buy the best quality California Almonds direct from farms, you are at the right place. We are deeply rooted in the California Almond industry and constantly feel the pulse of the market in each season and trade cycle.

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience as handlers, sourcing agents, wholesalers and exporters. The main reason for our success is our close relationship with a group of highly quality conscious growers. These growers are amongst the stalwarts of the Almond community and are totally devoted towards producing the best quality almonds available in the World.

We almost never look outside this realm of relationships to procure product. As a result we can fully ensure product integrity at the best possible price.

California Almonds – Varieties Available

The California Orchards grow about 49 varieties of California Almonds. There are 10 basic varieties that account for almost 70% of the total production. These are grouped into three main categories based on their shape, size as well as ‘blanchability’ and they include:

  • Nonpareil: With a thin outer shell and smooth kernel, this variety allows for easy blanching and cutting of Almonds. They are ideal for processing as they have an attractive, blemish-free appearance.
  • California: These almonds are used in manufactured products and are generally blanchable. They come with different shapes of kernels, skin color, shell hardness and various other surface characteristics. They can be used for any application or process.
  • Mission: These almonds have smaller kernels that are often wide and plump. They are very rich in flavor. The skin of the kernel here is much darker when compared to the Nonpareil variety and is wrinkled. This tends to enhance the adherence of salt and flavor. However, not all varieties of this group are blanchable.

Stages in the Almond Lifecycle:

You will find it hard to believe that how this small nut makes its way to your mouth. Here you can explore the almond lifecycle stages from start to finish.


  • Dormancy: The almond trees are at this stage usually in the cold winter, between the months of November and February. This is when the trees are relaxing and storing up all the nutrients that they need for their next crop.
  • Bloom: You are sure to come across the pink and white blooms of the almond buds during late February into the month of March. Nonpareils generally are the ones that bloom first followed by the other varieties.
  • Hull Split: By August, you will come across this stage where the hulls of the almonds begin to split. The almond shell is exposed and left to dry. It is when these hulls open up completely that the almonds get harvested.
  • Maturing Nuts: Once all the hulls are split, the almonds begin to mature. You will start seeing wider pores on the shells of the almonds as they mature and harden.
  • Harvest: When the almonds are ready to harvest, the shaker machines are brought in that shake the trees and make the almonds fall on to the ground, where they are left to dry for about a week or so.
  • Processing: The harvested almonds are taken to the huller-shellers, where they undergo processing. During this stage, any foreign materials or defective almonds are removed and the almonds are sorted into different grades
  • Storage: The processed almonds are then placed in excellent storage conditions so as to preserve their quality until they are shipped or processed further.
  • Forms: Depending upon the orders, the almonds are processed into different forms. This is where they are shelled, roasted, blanched, sliced, diced or slivered.

You can buy any form of almond from us such as whole, unflavored almonds, shelled and in-shell.

Why buy California Almonds from us?

There are many places where you may buy California Almonds; but if you need Almonds of the highest quality, we are your best bet.

  • We are a complete supply chain company. Each year we are involved with the almond crop right from the time the Orchards bloom, until the final packaging and shipping stage. Thereafter we make sure that each customer is fully satisfied in all respects.
  • We are responsible participants in the Almond commodity trade. We offer the best yet sustainable prices. We never resort to overcharging or under cutting to achieve short term gains or market share.
  • We only supply California Almonds that are grown using traditional methods. We do not deal with genetically modified produce.
  • Our Organic Almonds are cultivated using all the state mandated practices. Once harvested all our organic produce is processed in a state of the art certified organic foods facility. This facility is fully compliant with all Department of Agriculture requirements and is overseen by CCOF as a compliance assurance agency.

It is very important to understand the different varieties of California Almonds before you go ahead and buy Fresh California Almonds. This will help you determine which variety will suit your usage in the best way. Our experts are quite clear on this matter. You can tell us your needs and we will advise you on the best variety to go for.