Why California Almonds Are The Best in The World?

“Did you know that California produces more than 80% of the world’s almonds?”

The sweetness in their taste and the richness in their flavor have a lot to do with the place they are grown in and the methods that are used to make them grow. They are grown in a place called Central Valley, which was an inland sea, once upon a time. It has the towering Sierras to its east and the coastal mountain range to its west.

The soil is alluvial, which is very fertile and rich in nutrients. The melting snow of the Sierras provides the required water for these orchards. There is a marvelous system of canals in place to bring this water from the mountains.

California Almonds

Central Valley is truly the best place to grow almonds. Not just the soil; even the weather is very conducive for the growth of almonds. While the chill of the winter increases the productivity of the almond trees, the spring ensures all the blooms get pollinated by millions of bees that visit these orchards.

These pollinated blossoms grow and nurture the almonds into maturity by end of June. Every day things get totally monitored starting from the nutrient level in the soil to the irrigation systems.

From mid-august to October the almond Hulls begin to split open. As the holes begin to widen, the nuts start getting dried. Once the nuts are dry enough they are harvested using shaker machines. These shaker machines cause all the almonds to fall to the ground.

They are left to dry on the ground for about a week, after which they are swept into rows. A pick-up machine then picks up all these almonds so as to prepare them for eating.

The Journey of Almonds from the Orchards to the Hands of the Consumers

Journey of Almonds

Almonds travel through a long journey before they reach the hands of the consumers. An important stage in this journey is Hulling and shelling. This is where Almonds are separated into hulls, shells and kernels.

The hulls of the almonds are used for livestock eating and the shells are transformed into an energy source that can be used for the co-generation of plants. The kernels are the nutritious part that we consume.

Almonds are separated into two parts whole shelled almonds and shelled almond kernels. These are then sent for processing to places that are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Processing involves removal of defects or foreign material. Almonds are then graded according to their quality. Some of these almonds are shipped in bags as brown shelled almonds. Others are boxed and shipped to places that make almond enhanced goods such as cereals, chocolates or energy bars.

Some go into further processing where they are flavored, roasted, sliced or diced. Whatever process these California almonds pass through, once they reach the hands of the consumers they are thoroughly relished for their wholesomeness and their taste.

For years now, California farmers have been discovering new methods of growing almonds to improve their productivity and quality. The high yield and productivity that they achieve have caused these California Almonds to reach every part of the world at affordable prices.

These almonds are rich in nutrients such as phytochemicals, Vitamin E and Omega 3. They are abundant sources of energy and are ideal for cooking and garnishing, other than snacking.

Benefits of consuming California Almonds

Benefits of California Almonds

  • Adding almonds to your diet can help you fight against heart disease and diabetes
  • Almonds increase the insulin sensitivity in people who have a higher risk of diabetes
  • Almonds reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in your blood
  • Being rich in Vitamin E, Almonds stimulate the production of collagen in your skin, helping you look young and fresh at all times
  • Almonds give your body, the power it needs to fight infections
  • Almonds are very good for your memory and can help you in preventing Alzheimer’s

Best Ways to Consume California Almonds

Ways to Consume California Almonds

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California almonds definitely offer a lot to your overall health and wellness. However, much depends on how you consume them. Here are a few ways that can make your diet not just healthy but delicious too:

Top your yogurt with some Almonds: The flavored yogurt that you buy are packed with added sugars, which may not be good for your health. Instead top your yogurt up with slivered almonds and maybe some fresh fruits too.

California Almonds with Oatmeal for a delicious breakfast: If you find it too boring to have the same oatmeal for breakfast, you can jazz it up a bit. Add up a few slivered almonds, cherries and chia seeds to some almond milk and refrigerate it overnight. Have it with your oatmeal in the morning and you are sure to find it yummy.

Roasted Almonds for a snack: Potato Chips definitely make up for a delicious snack; but once in a while you can have some roasted almonds instead. Not only are they delicious but also far more nutritious and wholesome.

Add it up to your smoothie: If you are on a smoothie diet, you can make your smoothie a lot more nutritious by adding some almond milk into it.

Almonds with Quinoa: Add up a few sliced almonds to quinoa and turn it into a salad to make a healthy and delicious meal.

Almonds for Dessert: You can add a few finely ground almonds to the flour while making yummy brownies for dessert.

California is making sure it is producing the highest quality of almonds for consumption. Now, it is up to you to buy these and consume them in the right way to make sure you stay healthy forever.

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