New RF Technology For Organic Almonds

Organic almond growers now have a new method to meet the state’s pasteurization requirement.

The Almond Board of California (ABC) has approved radio frequency (RF) pasteurization, a chemical and heat free process to reduce pathogens in almonds. While the technique can be used on any almonds, it is especially important for organic processors who cannot use chemical pasteurization and were limited to steam based methods.

Pasteurization requirements were imposed by the state in 2007 after two outbreaks of salmonella in 2001 and 2004 were linked to unpasteurized almonds.

New RF Technology

RF technology uses a high frequency electric field, similar to a microwave to reduce pathogens. The ABC’s Technical Expert Review Panel (TERP) has certified RF Biocidics’ APEX 85 chemical-free, pasteurization system.

The system has been installed at the Sran Family Orchards in Kerman, CA. near Fresno.

“This technology is truly a game-changer for the almond industry and we are proud to be the only processor in the United States with this validation for natural almonds,” said Lakhy Sran, partner at Sran Family Orchards, which is certified organic by Santa Cruz, Calif.-based CCOF.

The family farm just completed a multi million dollar renovation project to mark their 65th year in business.

According to Sustainable Food News website, “Consumer demand and the Food Safety Modernization Act are guiding the food industry towards organic, chemical-free processes, so APEX 85’s TERP certification is perfectly aligned with the market’s needs,” said Vincent Chun, board member of Sacramento, Calif.-based RF Biocidics, and vice president of Allied Minds (LSE: ALM), its parent company.

“We believe our radio-frequency technology will be a compelling alternative for California’s 6,800 almond growers because it has minimal change to the taste and texture of the nut.”

California grows 80% of the world’s almonds and supplies 99% of the almonds sold into the US market. The ABC just announced that the crop would be over 2 billion pounds for the first time since 2013.

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