Make Sure to Include Raw Organic California Almonds in Your Wedding Plan


Believe it or not, almonds have been part of wedding celebrations for centuries.

As far back as the Middle Ages, brides were known to give their guests small bags of raw almonds for luck. These almonds were the genetic relatives of raw California organic almonds we see grown throughout the state’s Central Valley.

The tradition of giving almonds was standard at Italian weddings in the 15th century when sugar was expensive and a small gift bag of almonds coated with sugar was considered a luxury, showing off the host’s wealth. Gradually, as sugar became more common, the practice became widespread.

Known as confetti to the Italians, these treats have become known as Jordan almonds and when encased in an organza bag, or even a metal box, are called bomboniere.

Other nationalities have also included almonds in their wedding ceremonies. Greek weddings also feature almonds or koufetta, placed in small bags placed on a silver tray. Middle Eastern weddings also feature almonds and consider them an aphrodisiac. Tradition also suggests that if a single woman places a small bag of almonds under her pillow, she will dream of her future husband.

Regardless of the nationality, the gift is always an odd number of almonds –sometimes 3 and often 5. Three almonds cannot be divided evenly and were thought to symbolize the strength of the union which could not be divided. Five almonds, on the other hand, represent the five wishes for the bride and groom: health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

The sugar coating is said to symbolize a wish that the couple’s life together will be sweet.

These days, almost every wedding continues to include a bag of almonds as a small favor. The small organza bag adds a decorative touch to any table and they show guests that the bride and groom appreciate their attendance.

So, if you’re starting to plan your spring or summer wedding, include raw California organic almonds as a favor and continue a 500-year-old tradition.

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