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Organic Almonds are Latest Test for New Fertilizer

California organic almonds have become the latest testing ground for a new organic fertilizer derived from organic food waste.

The fertilizer branded as Harvest to Harvest (H2H) by California Safe Soil (CSS) the company, which produces the product, will be used in a test plot at UC Davis where the effect will be compared with traditional chemical fertilizers.

Researchers from the school’s department of entomology and nematology, headed by Edwin Lewis, want to know if the H2H fertilizer improves the soil condition and aids plant growth. The products is already being tested on other California crops but the Spring planting of almond trees is the first long-term study.

A variety of almond trees were planted and will be observed for the next three years. The objective of the study is to see if the composted organic waste can increase the soil carbon content and the effect of the H2H on plant nutrition and growth.

A total of 258 almond trees were planted in the UC Davis test plot. There are currently about 13,000 acres of farmland using H2H. Crops include leafy greens, tomatoes, carrots, walnuts and almonds

The H2H liquid fertilizer was developed by CSS from organic material collected from supermarkets in the Sacramento area including Save Mart, Nuggets, Safeway and Whole Foods. According to the company the average grocery store throws away “over 500 pounds of food a day.” The company collects the unwanted organic waste and processes it in their facility near Sacramento. Currently the firm can process over 32,000 tons of waste a year.

Harvest to Harvest can be applied through traditional irrigation or sprinkler systems directly on to the soil and has been registered for organic use. According to the company the organic fertilizer is pathogen free and safe for all crops.

The new fertilizer has not been used on almonds supplied by American Export House but we look forward to seeing the test results when California organic almond growers can decide if the new fertilizer can be a solution to improved soil health and decreased food waste.

American Export House supplies organic and conventional almond varieties to customers throughout the United States. For more information contact AEH.

Flour, Paste, Milk, Meal or Butter: It’s All About Almonds

For many Americans a serving of California almonds means a delicious snack filled with vitamins. But more and more almond fans are discovering that their favorite treat has been turned into products that are adding those same vitamins to a plethora of menu items.

Whether its almond flour for pastries, or almond butter on a slice of bread almonds have become culinary staple.

Here are a few other ways to enjoy almonds.

Almond Paste:


Marzipan, perhaps the most well-known, sweet dessert. is a combination of almond paste, sugar honey and eggs. The German holiday delicacy has long been a favorite of consumers all over the world. Often vanilla, orange, lemon or other spices are added to create a colorful and tasty display of macaroons. The ways that it can be used are so plentiful that in many cities there are whole stores devoted only to marzipan products.

But almond paste is also used as a filling in pastries and is often paired with chocolate. Almond paste allows bakers worldwide to make gluten-free desserts that are tasty, and nutritious.

Almond paste is also used in France for candy, forsweetheart cakes in China and as a sweet treat and in Turkey, where it was a favorite of royal families of the Ottoman Empire.

Almond Milk:


As more and more consumers discover they are lactose intolerant, almond milk has become a favorite substitute with cereal, or as a stand alone beverage. It can help with weight management since a cup contains fewer calories than a cup of cow’s milk, plus it contains no cholesterol which can clog arteries and damage your heart.

While almond milk does not provide the calcium of cow’s milk, it provides 25% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin D, helping your bones stay stronger and resist arthritis. Not to mention the healthy does of vitamin E, which improves skin health.

Almond milk does not affect your blood sugar, but it contains vitamin B for healthy muscles and fiber to reduce your appetite. Last but not least, it doesn’t require refrigeration so you can take it along on road trips. In addition you can make almond milk right in your own kitchen.

Almond Flour/Almond Meal:


Both almond flour and almond meal are ground almonds. But the flour in generally ground much finer and is usually made from blanched almonds (no skins). Which one you choose for your baking projects depends on the texture and consistency you want in the final product. Generally light and fluffy pastries or cake will call for flour, while cookies or breads which have a more substantial mouth feel, can be made with almond meal.

You may have to do some experimentation if you are using almond flour or meal as a substitute for traditional flour but the extra time and trouble is worth it.

Both can be found on store shelves where you can often find varieties made with organic almonds, but like almond milk, if you have a good quality food processor, you can make them at home, to get just the right consistency.

Either way, they add a little extra flavor, along with the same vitamins, minerals and protein that any almond product provides. Plus your final treat will be gluten free.

Almond Butter:


Some experts have called Almond butter “a dieters best friend” because it does not contain a lot of carbohydrates but supplies a lot of healthy fats to keep you satisfied.

Many nutritionists recommend using almond butter in your morning smoothie, since the added fiber will keep you feeling full for hours. Of course, you can also use it as a spread, or dairy butter substitute.

If you have a bit of patience for trial and error, you can make your own almond butter at home. It’s cheaper than the brands sold in most stores and making it in your own kitchen allows you to be certain of the quality especially if you use organic almonds.

Here is one almond butter recipe you can make in your own food processor.

American Export House supplies California organic and conventional almond varieties to customers throughout the world. For more information contact AEH.

Why Almonds Are Perfect Match For Paleo Food Plan

Most people don’t realize that almonds are a perfect match for the Paleo food plan – a popular program touted as a way to lose weight and improve overall wellness.

Paleo, short for Paleolithic, is based on the theory that our bodies were never designed to consume and digest many of the overly processed foods found in most grocery stores. Additionally supporters of the plan say, humans were not designed for the agrarian foods which form the basis of most modern diets.

paleo graphics

The plan advocates a return to the diet enjoyed by our ancestors during the Paleolithic Era, when human diets were based on whatever a hunter and gatherer could find.

This means a reliance on protein, meats, fruits and vegetables that could have been found or hunted in the wild. Elimination of all grains and dairy products, which the human body often has trouble digesting, is a major tenet.

Nuts, particularly almonds, are a rich source of monounsaturated fats and protein that are encouraged. These monounsaturated fats tend to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and may lower the risk of certain cancers, according to Loren Cordain, Ph. D., a major proponent of the eating plan.

Additionally, almonds are gluten free, which has led to the widespread use of almond flour for grain-free baked goods. Similarly. the diet suggests people avoid any dairy products or anything made with milk, cheese, or butter.

Once again, almonds come to the rescue as a source of almond milk, a dairy free substitute.

Many people buy almonds in bulk to make their own almond milk or flour in their home food processor.

These days you can find a wide range of products made with almond milk and flour, not only for those on the Paleo program, but for consumers who prefer the taste and are looking to avoid gluten or milk products for other medical or health reasons.

According to Helena Riess, Ph.D. of Wellness Management Consultants, who advises clients on health and nutritional issues, “Almonds are a great source of protein and a wide range of enzymes. I advise many of my clients, whether they need a gluten free diet or not, to make organic almonds a significant part of their food plan.”

Whether you choose the Paleo diet, or just want a healthy nutritious snack contact American Export House for all your almond needs.

What 7 Almonds Can Do

A recent New York Times article pointed out that President Obama, when he is at home in the White House at night, will often retire to his private office to review documents, read or even watch TV.

When aides arrive at the White House the next morning they are faced with a stack of papers that have margin notes, decisions and questions.

Although he works late into the evening the president does not ask for coffee, tea or any other caffeine source to help him focus. He asks for 7 almonds. Not six, not eight but 7, which apparently gets him through several hours alone to focus on the nation’s business.


These seven almonds, which are lightly salted, provide 6.26g of protein and include 5.47g of carbohydrates, 14.98 g of fat and 169 calories, according to the website Without the salt the president would have consumed just 49 calories containing 4.25g of fat, 1.69g of carbohydrates, and 1.79g of protein.

Almonds do not contain caffeine so it’s clear that he’s not using them to stay awake. It would take 100g of almonds to get just 1.64 mg of caffeine. – hardly enough to keep anyone awake.

It’s nice to know that the leader of the free world depends on almonds to help him make the decisions that we all depend on. What could almonds do for you? Contact American Export House and place your order today.