Almond Oil: The Newest Beauty Aid


Almond Oil: The Newest Beauty Aid

The next time you’re looking for something new to revitalize your skin or hair, turn to something old – almond oil. Better yet, look for almond oil made from California organic almonds .

Almond oil has been used as a skin and hair care product for centuries but recently it’s been making a comeback for anyone looking for a natural, organic way to better skin health. Researchers have found that almond oil has been in use almost as long as wild almonds, which grew over 2000 years ago in the dry arid regions of Central Asia.

These wild almonds contained more oil than our modern varieties but they were also bitter and, in many cases, poisonous. You can still find bitter almond oil, but it is only for use externally and most experts suggest it should only be used under supervision of a medical professional.

In most cases, we suggest you stick with the sweet almond oil made from California organic almonds.

Experts say the almond oil can be used for everything from making your skin healthier to curing dry skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Many of the elements that make almonds a healthy nutritious snack also make it great for skin care. Vitamin E, and Magnesium make it the perfect oil for a mild-hypoallergenic skin treatment.

Almond oil can be used regularly as an after-bath treatment since a gentle application is absorbed directly into the skin to restore moisture and provide essential nutrients. For best results we recommend warming the oil slightly so that it’s closer to skin temperature to aid absorption.

Some pediatricians also recommend almond oil for use on babies, who may be allergic to synthetic products. You can even create your own personal fragrance by adding a touch of lavender oil, if you want to mask the natural almond scent.

Almond oil can also be used as a skin cleaner. When applied with a cotton pad, it can easily be used to remove makeup and revitalize the skin. One application can remove dirt and makeup while a second, 2 minutes later, renews and restores your skin. Some dermatologists even add a teaspoon of sugar to create a natural skin scrub.

Almond oil can also be used to remove dark circles under your eyes or even to smooth wrinkles. When used every night, you should see an improvement in about two weeks.

If you’ve ever been out in the sun too long and need something to reduce redness and pain, or even if you want to lighten a tan, you can combine a teaspoon of honey with a mixture of almond oil and lemon juice. Just rub the mixture in and let it sit for about an hour, before washing it off. It can reduce the redness and burning feeling associated with too much sun exposure.

Eczema and Psoriasis are often caused by the body’s own reaction to internal problems. But the best cure, at least for the external skin issues, is to rehydrate the affected areas. Almond oil, which will not add to the inflammation, can be the perfect product to prevent moisture loss and seal the skin to prevent infection.

And finally, many hairdressers recommend an almond oil treatment on your hair to restore the natural oil that is lost after regular washing. Just a few drops on a comb or brush will help return the natural body and luster – and reduce split ends. Repeated use on the scalp can also enhance hair growth.

So, the next time you’re looking for a ‘new’ treatment for your skin or hair, why not try something that has been used for centuries – pure California organic almond oil.

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