3 Reasons why Almonds are the Best Nut for Women Health


“let the food be thy medicine And let thy medicine be food”
Quoted – Hippocrates (Ancient Greek Physician)


Our bodies are often under attack from factors such as environmental pollution, stress and careless eating habits. Of all these, the easiest and simplest to control is our food consumption behavior. Excessive intake of high fat and carbohydrate diet or even irresponsibly eating unnecessary low nutrient foods, all have one end result. The body is the victim.

The question to ask is how many people would rather put recycled mobile oil in their cars, or how many people prefer viruses attacking their cell phones and computers? Perhaps None! So why is it that people choose to put such poisons in their body instead of the proper fuel it needs?

Mother Nature has provided all nutrients required by our bodies in various forms and structures. All we need to do is choose the combination that suits us. We at American Export House offer our solution in form of delicious, wholesome and super nutritious California Almonds. We consider it our modest contribution to the World`s good health.

Almonds are proven to be the most nutritionally dense nuts and considered as the King of Nuts in many cultures around the Globe. This is one of those foods that promote both internal as well as external health (Appearance). Women of all ages can immensely benefit from Almonds, be it enhancing physical beauty, controlling body fat, maintaining high bone density or experiencing healthier and easier pregnancy.

Almonds and Facial Beauty

Almonds are replete in Vitamin E and more essentially have a skin penetrating quality when applied in different ways. Therefore can prove to be an effective moisturizer and help exfoliate dead skin cells.

Almonds and Facial Beauty

Almonds also contain a natural form of Olein Glyceride called Linoleic acid that helps prevent acne, blackheads and arid skin. No wonder Almonds are now being readily used as an ingredient in various cosmetics, complexion serums and other skin care products that highlight high vitamin content. Simple homemade face packs made from Almonds are an effective beauty aid and may result in a rejuvenated and clear face. The ancient East Indian Ayurvedic science prescribes a simple yet effective facial pack.

The recipe is as follows-

  • Soak 5 to 6 Almonds overnight in water.
  • Crush and turn into paste.
  • Add two Tea spoons of Milk cream (collected by boiling whole Milk to the point cream rises on top).
  • Add one Teaspoon of Sandalwood Powder.
  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
  • Apply as face pack and leave until dry.
  • Wash off with like warm water.

Some people substitute Sandalwood powder with a pinch of Turmeric powder as the former may be a little difficult to find in certain parts of the World. In the absence of both a simple pack made of Almond paste and Milk cream is by itself quite sufficient.

We recommend using Organic Almonds for making this face pack.

ALMOND OIL presents itself as a remedy for many skin ailments. Unwanted tan, dark circles and bags under the eyes etc can be treated with regular application of almond oil. One teaspoon of almond oil mixed with a teaspoon of Honey and a few drops of lemon juice, applied regularly for a few hours may do wonders in a few days in improving such conditions.

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Almonds are rich in minerals such as magnesium, calcium and Zinc. All these are essential for the health of our hair. Hair lose and thinning of hair are common occurrences caused by factors such as stress, environmental pollution and nutritional deficiencies. Almond oil applied on a regular basis result in stronger, healthier hair and dandruff free scalps. All one needs to do is gently rub at least two spoons of warm Almond oil into the scalps and leave it overnight and washing off in the morning. This simple procedure may help maintain or regain your Crowning Glory, without expensive hair products.

Almonds and Weight Loss

Almonds are rich in healthy unsaturated fats. There are 14gms of unsaturated fat and 6gms of protein present in 1oz of Almonds. These properties together with the inherent solid nature of Almonds provide a high level of satiety. When consumed as a snack they curb cravings and consequently result in lesser overall food intake. Therefore, regular Almond intake may prove to be a simple weight control procedure.

Almonds and weight loss

Women on an average require at least 12gms of unsaturated fat per day to lower triglycerides and reduce the risk of developing high cholesterol. A single 1oz serving of Almonds sufficiently fulfills this requirement. The monounsaturated fat, in form of Oleic Acid present in Almonds, helps the body better absorb vital nutrients such as vitamin A,B,E and K. In conclusion, it may be beneficial for women to cut down on other sources of fat and raise Almonds as their primary source of Monounsaturated fat.

Almonds skin contains natural pigments called flavonoids, which have potent antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties. Flavonoids work together with vitamin E and C contents of Almonds to increase antioxidant activity and lower harmful cholesterol.

Benefits of Almonds During Pregnancy:

Women the Mother of Mankind, shoulders the greatest responsibility known to the human species, giving birth to children. It is vital for an expectant mother to monitor food intake for her own as well as the health of the unborn baby.

Almonds contain Folic acid (1oz= 14micrograms) which is essential for cell growth and tissue configuration. Folic acid is therefore important for the healthy growth of the fetus and lowering risks of birth defects.

Almonds are a complete food and contain numerous nutrients that support a healthy pregnancy. A good calcium content (1oz= 75 mgs) helps promote proper formation of the baby`s bone structure and density. Folate (vitamin B9) present in Almonds is critical for healthy formation of brain and nervous system of the unborn baby. Folate also provides protection against Neural tube defects.

Benefits of Almonds During Pregnancy

You may be surprised to know that Almonds also benefit controlling mood swings. A natural substance called Phenylalanine present in Almonds can alter our mood and cognitive function. This natural substance gets easily absorbed into the brain and in turn starts producing hormonal chemicals such as Adrenaline and Dopamine. These relax the body and boost brain function. A common Ayurvedic recipe from the Far East to help ease symptoms of nervousness and anxiety is as follows.

  • Grind 8-10 soaked Almonds into paste.
  • Add a tea spoon of Nutmeg.
  • Add a pinch of Ginger powder.
  • Mix it all in a glass of warm milk and drink.

Raw Almonds in some cases may be a little difficult to digest for expectant Mothers. It is recommended to soak Almonds overnight to lower the chances of indigestion. The Almond skin contains a potent enzyme inhibitor with the natural function of protecting the seed until it receives moisture to germinate. Soaking deactivates this inhibiting compound and initiates the release of an essential Lipase (enzyme) that helps in proper breakdown of fat. This promotes enhanced digestion and absorption of all nutrients of this natural super food. Soaking also makes Almonds softer and more chewable. The skin of the Almond should never be discarded. It contains essential minerals, antioxidants and nutrients that make Almonds whole and complete.

The recommended method of soaking is as follows:

  • Take the required amount of Almonds in a bowl.
  • Add clean potable water enough to completely submerge all Kernels.
  • Cover with a thin cloth to allow oxygen flow. Do not place a tight lid or completely seal.
  • Soak overnight at room temperature. Do not refrigerate.
  • Drain water and enjoy the Almonds.

For all gestational use we recommend preferably using Raw Almonds that are completely free from all chemical interference.

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