Almonds: Growing Up Sustainable

This article is brought to you by Jen’s Reviews. In addition to providing a safe and stable supply of almonds, California’s community of more than 6,800 almond farmers is committed to using sustainable agricultural practices that are economically viable and based upon scientific research, common sense and a respect for the environment, neighbors and employees. […]

Raw California Almonds see Record Demand

The latest statistics from the California Almond Board paint a rosy picture for the future of California’s largest export crop. After two years of reduced October demand the 2016 crop showed record shipments of 235.5 million pounds in October – an increase of 45% from the same period last year. Almost all categories of raw […]

Almond Oil: The Newest Beauty Aid

Almond Oil: The Newest Beauty Aid The next time you’re looking for something new to revitalize your skin or hair, turn to something old – almond oil. Better yet, look for almond oil made from California organic almonds . Almond oil has been used as a skin and hair care product for centuries but recently […]

The California Almond Harvest is on

The California Almond Harvest is on It’s harvest season and California’s largest crop is well on its way to retailers all over the world. And no, we are not talking about wine grapes. Almonds are California’s largest crop and for the Central Valley that means there’s a “whole lot of shakin’ going on.” That’s because […]

Which are the Healthiest Nuts ?

There is no doubt that nuts are among the healthiest foods you can eat. Their combination of protein and nutrients combined with relatively low fat make them a perfect snack or ingredient. According to Judy Caplan, RD, at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, all nuts are about equal in terms of calories per ounce […]

Growing Organic Almonds Takes Extra Care

The interest in organic almonds from California has tracked the nationwide trend toward increased demand for organic products according to a report in Western Farm Press. As the uses for almond-based products, from the almonds themselves to milk, paste and flour, has increased so has the demand for the organic tree-fruit. According to marketing experts, […]

California Almond Facts

The earliest varieties of almonds were found in China. Almond trees were carried to Europe along the Silk Road. Almonds are mentioned in the Bible and were an important ingredient in bread served to the Egyptian pharos. The Romans showered newlyweds with almonds as a fertility charm. Almond trees were brought to California from Spain […]

California Almond History

Almond trees are so ubiquitous in California’s Central Valley, that you might think they are natives of the state. But the truth is, like many of the state’s current residents, they are immigrants. Almonds are literally transplants. They are native to a large swath of what is now the Mideast and parts of the Indian […]

New RF Technology For Organic Almonds

Organic almond growers now have a new method to meet the state’s pasteurization requirement. The Almond Board of California (ABC) has approved radio frequency (RF) pasteurization, a chemical and heat free process to reduce pathogens in almonds. While the technique can be used on any almonds, it is especially important for organic processors who cannot […]

What 7 Almonds Can Do

A recent New York Times article pointed out that President Obama, when he is at home in the White House at night, will often retire to his private office to review documents, read or even watch TV. When aides arrive at the White House the next morning they are faced with a stack of papers […]

6 Reasons Why Men Should Consume Almond ?

Things get done, when we do them. This seems obvious, but when it comes to personal health many of us take our bodies for granted and expect to enjoy a healthy body for ever. Although many people are very careful about their eating habits yet there are others who deliberately look for distractions in the […]

Gluten-Free Almond Butter Cookies

almond butter cookies

Prep/cook time: 22 minutes; makes1 dozen Because this remarkably easy recipe requires no flour or leavening, it is good for those with wheat or gluten allergies. Instead of almond butter, you can use peanut butter (creamy or crunchy). Makes slightly crumbly but thoroughly delicious cookies. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup almond butter 1 cup sugar 1 egg […]

2016 Almond Crop: a quick Preview

Almond Crop

After a four year dreaded drought there is pleasant news for California Almond growers and buyers. Reasonably good rainfall accompanied by 105% of normal snowpack on the Sierra range is promising a much higher water supply which was subdued over the previous years. The current year`s crop has enjoyed a healthy bloom and favorable post […]

Ways to use Almonds when cooking


Sure, you know almonds are a great snack but did you know they’re also great in lots of dishes you might cook?? That’s right! Here are some of our favorite recipes that have almonds. (Note: We can’t take credit for any of these recipes. We simply love them and wanted to share them with you, […]