About American Export House

American Export House is focused on bringing the highest quality, organic and conventional almonds to you, our customer, at the best possible price.

We feature California almonds, the highest quality organic and conventional almonds available on world markets.

Our sourcing is tracked and transparent so you can be assured that that we deliver what you order. Our inspectors have years of experience in the almond industry, and our strict crop inspection standards, ensure that only the best quality almonds reach you.

We insure that the organic almond trees we harvest are planted in the rich California soil and never treated with chemicals in the orchard or during processing.

They are the perfect fit for everyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

While we specialize in organic almonds, we realize that everyone has different needs. So we offer a wide variety of conventionally grown almonds which meet the same high standards for quality, shelf life and taste as our organic varieties.

We adhere to strict quality control measures in growing, processing and shipping all our almonds. You can count on us for on-time, accurate deliveries. We can ship your almonds to destinations worldwide. For more information about international orders click here.

At the same time we are a California-based business, just minutes away from the farms that supply 80% of the world’s almond demand.

If you would like more information about growing practices, and sourcing or have any other questions please feel free to contact us!